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 About The 1882 Silver Dollar

Coin collecting has been a serious interest for me ever since my Grandfather gave me my first old 1882 Silver Dollar; a Morgan silver coin. I was instantly fascinated. So much has changed in the buying and selling of coins since then and the internet has changed it all. Today you can buy and sell your silver coins online and this market will dictate the final outcome. Even if you have the specific question: I need help with Selling My Morgan Dollars? Help is available and there are good sources. This, in my mind is fantastic!

I have put this site together to help with information about old American silver dollars, discuss buying and selling Morgan Silver Dollars online and more. By the way, the prices you can get for your silver dollars will vary greatly. This all according to the mint state (MS) of your coin, where it was minted, if it has an unusual feature or error and so forth. Be sure to watch the video below for more information about this, strike, and more. Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.1882 Silver Dollar, Morgan, Obverse

The 1882 silver dollar is a coin with a history. It dates back from the time of the greatest silver strike in history, the Comstock Load which was discovered in Nevada in the 1850's. The resulting influx of large amounts of silver into the market caused silver prices to drop all around the world.

As a solution to the problem that this presented in the United States, the Bland-Allison Act was passed, which required that the Treasury Department buy large amounts of silver to be minted into coins. This of course led to the 1882 silver dollar (and more, obviously).

A silver dollar was the resulting product of this act and was first minted in 1878. Both sides of the coin were designed by a man named George T. Morgan. The obverse depicts the profile of Lady Liberty's head with cotton and wheat in her hair, representative of the reconciliation between North and South after the Revolutionary War. On the reverse we see the American Eagle clutching arrows of preparedness and an olive branch, symbolic of peace. This 1882 silver dollar, and all silver coins in the era, are commonly known as the Morgan Dollar or the Morgan Silver Dollar after its designer.

This silver dollar was minted from 1878 until 1904, with one more minting in 1921. A total of 27,574,100 examples of the 1882 silver dollar were minted in a number of locations. Each coin has increased in value from its original worth of one dollar to its value today which may be anywhere from a few times that value, to over a hundred times, for certain specimens.

Factors that influence the value of the 1882 silver dollar or Morgan dollar include collector demand, available supply, date, mint mark, grade, and damage, or condition. Uncirculated coins and proofs are generally highly prized by collectors. Mint marks on the 1882 silver dollar are found on the reverse, below the bald eagle's tail feathers, and directly under the meeting of the branches that surround the eagle. Mintmarks on the the 1882 silver dollar include:

CC – Carson City Mint in Carson City, Nevada
O- New Orleans Mint in New Orleans

S – San Francisco Mint in San Francisco, California
P – Philadelphia Mint in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
–  Though not stamped “P” on the coin

2013 Red Book Of US Coins

Very helpful information about 1882 Silver Dollars and More

The majority of the 1882 silver dollar coins were minted in San Francisco according to The Official 2013 Red Book (a book everyone interested in coins should own) and the lowest number was in Carson City.  For this reason, and because of the low numbers of coins minted there in other years, the 1882 silver dollar with the CC mintmark are the most valuable.

Morgan Dollars are a collector's item.  For those in possession of an 1882 silver dollar wishing to sell, or those wondering where to buy them, there are a few places you can go.

Often these coins are sold in garage sales, at pawn shops or other mom and pop businesses.

Although there is a chance that you may find just what you're looking for at a nearby small business, finding one of these sources near you may prove difficult and time consuming, the selection available may be poor and pricing information may not be objective.

1882 silver dollar and information on all the Morgan Coins

Specifically written with a focus on the Morgan Silver Dollars, this is an excellent book!

Another excellent source of information related ONLY to Morgan Silver Dollars is the Official Red Book publication titled: Guide Book Of Morgan Silver Dollars – another “must have” when it comes to the 1882 silver dollar and all the rest.

Where to Buy And Sell Old Silver Coins Online | 1882 Silver Dollar

An interesting place to find information about the 1882 silver dollar as well as locate buyers and sellers is online. A popular place for both buying and selling silver coins online is ebay. If you are selling, you can count on the market there bidding up to and sometimes beyond a fair price. If you are buying, many times you can locate people just wanting to make a quick sale with a bit of a discount. Bidding for the 1882 silver dollar or any classic Morgan coin can be quite fun. If you are brand new to online auctions, just make sure you read the auction details as sometimes people list copies and replicas of coins. This is fine if you want straight silver bullion. I know either way, you will enjoy the process.

Want to Buy or Sell Old Silver Coins? Watch This Video for Some More Great Tips!

The Internet offers an open forum in which you can find very specific information given by experts and collectors about the 1882 silver dollar. You will find details about how to determine the value of your coin, the history of the coin and much more valuable and interesting information.

Coin collecting is a popular hobby, and for those in the know about coin value, it can be a very lucrative enterprise.  The various aspects of determining a coins value, combined with the history surrounding the coin make finding, buying, selling and trading coins an extremely interesting occupation.

For those who have no background in coin collecting, whether they have just found an 1882 silver dollar or are looking to begin their collection with one, the Internet is far and away the best place to get accurate information from various sources.  It is also the perfect way to match up silver coin buyers and sellers, with no regard to physical distance.  Because of the abundant amount of information, it is also the smartest way to ensure that you are paying or getting the best possible price.

An online forum is a great place to pose questions and interact with people who can help you find a buyer or seller of your coin of choice.  These forums often have a quick response rate, and you can have instant access to advice that relates to your specific needs.

Best wishes to you and yours and happy collecting

Brad M.

PS: You can also Collect historic and rare coins by shopping at Gov Mint.com You can rest assured that you will be treated with the utmost respect. They are a sold, trusted retailer of silver coins and more.

PPS: Here is an excellent video saying why today, the Morgan Silver Dollar is now America's Favorite Coin. Lots of history and very interesting information.


1882 Carson City Silver Dollars
If buying a slabbed coin or graded coin, my personal preference is either PCGS or NGC. They are the best. Period. I stay away from any other grading companies.

What Is The Value of an 1882 Silver Morgan Dollar?
Here we have one very nice Choice BU 1882-P mint silver Morgan dollar. The coin is in raw uncertified condition and is a very nice original coin. I do not attach an MS grade to the coin as grading is very subjective.

Storage For Peace And Morgan Dollar Coins
Look on the back of the coin under DO in dollar…

Safe Haven – Silver In A Deflation
As I have stated many times, the easy money has been made in the precious metals but the BIG money lies ahead, because if you think like I think, once this “disinflation” turns into a dollar collapse people will be looking. Mr. Morgan does weekly Money, Metals and Mining Review for Kitco.

Carson City Silver Dollar: Morgan Value Has Risen Over The Past 15 Years
While you may be familiar with “O” (New Orleans) and “S” (San Francisco) mintmarks, you may not have seen “CC” before. “CC” is the mintmark for Carson City, Nevada, which produced millions of silver dollars.

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  1. torben henneberg

    I have a question: What is the value of following:
    one silver dollar coin 1882?
    one silver dollar coin 1889?
    one silver dollar coin 1891?
    ein pfund 1867(Preussen)?
    1 krone 1930 Danmark?

    Yours sincerely

    Torben Henneberg
    Ugelbølle DK

  2. admin

    Hi Torben,

    Thank you so much for stopping by. To determine the value of any silver coin, you will need to know some specific details:
    1) Country or origin
    2) The Mint Mark (if there is one)
    3) The coins condition. This is tricky as there are many ways to grade a coin. Professionally or by your own estimate and a good coin book.
    4) Along with that, is the silver coin un-circulated, circulated or proof (usually encased in a container)

    As an example, you might have a 1882-O Morgan Silver Dollar that is in Brilliant Uncirculated condition and that could be worth over $300. Or, you might have a well worn 1882 Morgan silver dollar that is only worth the current price of silver.

    I would recommend you look on ebay for these 1882 silver dollars and make some comparisons. Then, head over to TheGovMint and look at their Morgans for another great comparison.

    Finally, be sure to check out PCGS or NGC if you are looking at slabbed Morgan silver dollars and the finer details of Numismatics.

    I hope this helps and please let me know what you find out, ok?

    Best wishes

  3. Jen

    I have a 1882 coin but someone put a hole in the top of it, I’m guessing for a necklace. What does that do to the value? Thanks.

  4. admin

    Hi Jen,

    I have seen that before myself. In most cases, this will drop the numismatic value drastically. You may be looking at silver prices (or the price of bullion in general).

    However – try to find out exactly what mint mark you have and do a little research to be sure it isn’t a rare coin. If it is very rare, it may still hold a higher value.

    Best wishes to you

  5. bilal

    hi i would like to have some idea about the old things of sliver i have some old coins of sliver and some things eals thanks you

  6. khalid Y ahmed

    gooe aftenoon, ihave one silver dollar has the following describtions ; liberty 1800, and iwant to sell it besidesthat ihave an old spanish coin written onit ferdind 1808.ans iwant to sell too.

  7. grace

    Hi, i have found an 1882 CC coin and its in really good condition and u can clearly see all numbers and letters on it, its not a bright silver though, its a dirty silver. how much is this worth?

  8. Chris

    I have an 1882 Morgan Silver dollar it been circulated with minor marks, mint mark is an S, but also has an R.D in Lady Liberty’s cheek, I was just wondering the value of it?

  9. Diane L

    I have many silver dimes……..but, on the back they have a V…….and says United States of America …Cents can you help me?? Are they worth anything? dating from 1899 – 1912 about…I haven’t gone thru all of them yet….thank you so much for your help…..

  10. admin

    Hi Diane

    You may have some Barber Dimes on your hands. The value of these varies wildly based on several factors including the Mintmark and condition of the coin. There are of course many other considerations. I’d suggest getting a book that helps you identify all of the factors for your dimes and gives you a good indication of price.

    Best wishes Diane

  11. MDH

    Hi, I have been unable to locate the issue prices of the GSA Carson City coins. Does anyone have this information? I have a 1982, 83 & 84 ungraded and a 1983 & 84 Uncirculated. Thanks

  12. admin

    Thanks for taking the time to comment about the 1882 Silver Dollar post.

    Your English is just fine 🙂

    I have friends in Germany too.

  13. Stacey

    Greetings I really liked your great blog post on 1882 Silver Dollar, Carson City Silver Dollar, Buy Sell Silver Coins. very good post, i definitely love this web site, keep on it

  14. admin

    Thank you Stacey!

    Glad you enjoyed the 1882 Silver Dollar website 🙂

    Best wishes to you and hope you will visit again.

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